Product Manager Archetypes (Part 2)

How to match the right product manager for your projects.

Edmond Lau
5 min readSep 9, 2021


There are many types of product managers in the tech industry today. To drive the right results for your organization, you want to match the right product manager archetypes with projects in your organization. Match them wrong, and it can derail your teams and goals.

This is part 2 of this series. For part 1, here.

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In this series, we will talk about various archetypes of product managers:

Part-1: Jill-of-all-trades, Engineering-focused, Design-focused,
Part-2: User & Community-focused, Delivery-focused,
Part-3: Stakeholder-focused and Sales-focused.

User & Community-Focused

Product managers who are user and community-focused are extremely empathic to end-users and try to solve users’ problems to improve lives. These product managers are data-driven, where they collect multiple layers of data and feedback to drive product priority decisions. They collect direct user interviews, surveys, system usage data, drop-off measurements, user flows, etc. With all these data, product managers may further create usage/feature experiments and multi-variant testing to understand better how to engage audiences or make users more productive through their product.

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User and Community-Focused product managers are typically analytical and can work with developers to specify what data points need capture. The best data-driven product managers are also hands-on with tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Clevertap, LaunchDarkly, etc.

What type of product work they fit best:

They typically fit really well with consumer B2C and direct-to-user B2B startup and scale-up products because they are empathic to end-users and have a strong focus and understanding of what end-users need and want. They make product decisions based on multiple data points from multiple sources. They can run demos of new product features to end-users, collect…



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